Radio vibes

Posted on August 4, 2011 by admin.
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The love and affection between pets and owners goes creates a bond that is second, for most, only to their human relatives and friends. So when a beloved pet goes missing the distress can be a huge upheaval to the owner. Recently listening to a radio show on lost cats you could hear the emotion in so many of the contributors. I imagine should it have been a TV show, instead of a radio program that the images of the owners would have been distressing. They discussed what was the best plan of action should you discover that you have a lost cat. The problem with cats is they say that they say that actually many have second or even third owners who they also visit less frequently than the number one owner. In addition cats have a tendency to curl up in people sheds and garages and then end up being locked in by mistake. Should an investigative mission not come up trumps then poster campaigns are often successful followed by professional search teams, a few which now actually use sniffer dogs. Often the result is positive and the lost cat is found but occasionally cats are just never found. Not the most joyous radio program I have listened to but all the same informative and eye opening.