Dyslexia in pre school children

Posted on February 21, 2011 by admin.
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Dyslexia in preschool age children.

Diagnosing a child yourself with dyslexia at a young age can be quite difficult. It is normal for a preschool age child to reverse letters when learning to write and read. This is why learning and understanding the symptoms is extremely important.
Although mixing up letters and words at this age can be perfectly normal watching the child closely as he or she learns can also be critical. Early diagnosis is extremely important because studies show that if caught early the brain function can be modified so they can become fluent readers.
While mixing up letters at this point in age is normal there are symptoms that one could look for. If the child has no appreciation for nursery rhymes and cannot learn them this could be a cause for concern. If they mispronounce words and have prolonged baby talk this can also be concerning. Another symptom is when the child cannot remember the letters in his or her own name. If the child refuses to read or write there could be a problem. It could be their instinct to just runaway and hide. If some of these symptoms are occurring and there is a family history of reading problems then the child should have a dyslexia test.
While dyslexic children have trouble reading they will be strong in other areas. For example kids that are dyslexic often are very curious and have a great imagination. Figuring things out easy is something found often in dyslexic children. It is important that dealing with being dyslexic does not hurt their self esteem. This is why it is crucial for parents to concentrate on the child’s strengths as well. Teachers as well should be praising their accomplishments often.
Parents and teachers play a crucial role in identifying this disability in children. The earlier it is caught the earlier intervention can begin. Having being diagnosed at an early age is beneficial in the child’s life. If your child shows any of these symptoms and dyslexia is a concern do not hesitate to get them tested. The younger the child the easier it will be for them to learn how to deal with the disability.